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Making Room

We came home with a little instrument, and every night I had to insert it into the palate-spreading apparatus in the top of my girl’s mouth. (When I had braces they called it a palate splitter, which seemed more appropriate.) One time I started the turn and didn’t realize the tool wasn’t inserted into the…

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What Would You Do If You Finally Had Enough Money?

I sat down on the plastic chair in front of the table, and the man placed a form in front of me. I couldn’t read it, my eyes swimming with tears. Setting down the pen, I buried face in hands and cried win-the-lottery, can’t-believe-I’m-finally-doing-this, dream-coming true tears. Months ago God put this in front of me, the same months…

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Yesterday I assigned my beginning Spanish students to make vocabulary flashcards. They kept asking me, What does this mean? What does this mean? I soon discovered the vocabulary list had no English definitions, only the Spanish words. I had given them an impossible task. Oops. Today I shall help these poor students, by providing definitions…

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The Big Zit

Here is the sequence of events: My heartfelt prayer that God will help me love and show great care for my new Spanish students. Looking in the bathroom mirror the night before the school open house, when I will meet all of these students for the first time. Seeing humongous zit on chin. Horror. The…

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