My Father’s Hands

My Father’s Hands

52 reasons to trust God with your heart

There is a wonderful invitation extended to you in the pages of the Bible, for you to become a child of God. He wants you to call him Father, and all of his love is waiting for you. But when you hear the word “father” what memories and emotions come to mind? Do your experiences with your earthly father give you courage to be in a relationship with God, or do they make you take a step back? In the pages of my new book, I would like to share with you sweet and powerful stories from my experiences with my own father. It is because of him that I feel so very comfortable trusting God and accepting his love. By stepping into my stories for a short time, I hope what you see there will help you take steps toward God instead of away from him. He loves you, and everything you’re hoping for in a relationship with him is true. It’s all true.

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About the Book

We know God wants to be our Father.

But how can we trust Him, if our own earthly example failed?

Many of us have known the opposite of heaven when it comes to our earthly fathers. Many of us have memories that should never have been made: memories of disappointment, anger, and even fear.

But that was never the way it was supposed to be

In these 52 stories, Christy tells about her dad and how through him, she came to know the Father. Nobody is perfect, but there are some who are kind and loving.

Throughout this book, may you come to know the love of a father, and believe enough to place your life in God’s hands.

You can trust Him with your heart.

Genres: Christian Life, Devotional, Non-Fiction, Spiritual Growth
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781981436972
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