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You’re Not the Only Messy One

I am a hub.

As a pastor’s wife, I count it my highest honor to receive women’s stories.  I seem to be a safe landing place for all the whispered secrets of a woman’s life.  Recently I met with a woman and tucked another rose in the bouquet of stories filling my heart.

This is what I need you to know, and I wish you could see me leaning close to you, making sure you’re looking me in the eyes.

I need you to know…


You’re not the only woman who has suffered in the hands of a lustful man.

You’re not the only woman with shame.

You’re not the only woman in this world who has made poor choices and messed things up a good one…more than once.

Not everyone reading this post today has suffered the great depth of evil in this world, but more of you have than have not.

You all whisper, Shhhhhhh to me, but why must we hush the shame of life in a room full of women who know the same feeling?  When you walk into church you think all these beautiful women are the untainted, but you are wrong.  You see only their cheerful, I’m fine, exterior.  Most are not fine.

Most are hurting and need Jesus.  Need His healing.

Jesus says, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.”  Matthew 9:12.

Church is really a waiting room, isn’t it?  A place where you come because you are sick, not to hide that you are sick.

You healthy women –put on a Nurse Nightingale cap, will you?  Do some questioning and listening to women’s stories.  Hold a hand.  Bring some chocolate and a tissue.  Lots of tissue.  And the unfailing ability to keep a confidence.

To those of you who are sick –you’ve come to the right place.  There are more women than just a pastor’s wife who have compassion for your shame and sorrow.

We need each other desperately.