Moving in Close

Moving in Close

52 Bible Study Tips to Help You Know God

What you need is a Goldilocks kind of help when it comes to studying the Bible–study tips that are not so hard you want to cry and give up but not so easy that you feel like you’re not making any serious progress in understanding the Bible. These 52 Bible study tips are just right. They will give you tools to understand even the most difficult passages in the Bible, but I’ve written them in bite-size chunks. In 5-10 minutes per day, you can come away with new ways to open your Bible and understand it. And when you understand the Bible, you’ll be well on your way to knowing God.

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About the Book

Understanding the Bible is the key to knowing God. But maybe you feel intimidated by such a thick, complex book and don’t even know where to begin to read it, let alone how to understand it. In Moving in Close, Christy offers 52 simple tools you can use to know where to read and how to gather truth about God that will change your relationship with Him forever. Christy’s conversational style will make you feel like you can do this–you really can study the Bible for yourself, and before too long, you’ll begin to know God in a deeper way.

With these 52 simple Bible study tips, you’ll be able to open the Bible by yourself, study bite-sized pieces of Scripture, and come away with a deeper knowledge of God.

Genres: Christian Life, Devotional, Non-Fiction, Spiritual Growth
Publication Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781092498432
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