Our world has been shaken and our personal lives have changed, in ways we’re all still trying to grasp.

But in the middle of feeling squeezed by hard circumstances, God remains steady.

My writing these days is a needy reaching out for truth and promises that won’t fail and won’t disappoint.

I invite you to come with me, as we lean all of our weight on the goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ and seek to persevere and even thrive joyfully in trying times.  

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Keeping House

Have you ever taken a long, quiet pause, to consider the way your housekeeping choices and rhythms affect the hearts, minds, and bodies of you, your family, and your guests?

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Moving in Close

Moving in Close

These 52 Bible study tips will give you tools to understand even the most difficult passages in the Bible, but I’ve written them in bite-size chunks. In 5-10 minutes per day, you can come away with new ways to open your Bible and understand it. And when you understand the Bible, you’ll be well on your way to knowing God.



God is not waiting for us to fail everything. Instead, he has heavily invested in our success. Before he even created the world, he thought about the kind of perfect woman you should be, and he made a way for that to happen. Will you grab on to the hope that living a blameless life is possible? This has always been God’s intention for you, so step out of guilt and into a life where becoming flawless is the guarantee.

My Father's Hands

My Father’s Hands

There is a wonderful invitation extended to you in the pages of the Bible, for you to become a child of God. He wants you to call him Father, and all of his love is waiting for you. But when you hear the word “father” what memories and emotions come to mind? Do your experiences with your earthly father give you courage to be in a relationship with God, or do they make you take a step back?

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