What If Living a Balanced Life Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does?

Friday is the day she hops garage sales with her friend. That’s when she happened upon this set of scales: The scales weren’t cool-vintage old, just flaking-off-silver-paint old, but I couldn’t help thinking about our conversation on justice during Bible study this week, she told me. Overpriced at $8, she considered she might pay $5…

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What Would You Do If You Finally Had Enough Money?

I sat down on the plastic chair in front of the table, and the man placed a form in front of me. I couldn’t read it, my eyes swimming with tears. Setting down the pen, I buried face in hands and cried win-the-lottery, can’t-believe-I’m-finally-doing-this, dream-coming true tears. Months ago God put this in front of me, the same months…

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