Can You Believe God Is A Good Father?

Today, I would like to tell you about my dad, and I can’t think of a better way for you to get to know him than by showing you a note he wrote me many years ago.

Can You Believe That God Is A Good Father?

Can You Believe That God Is A Good Father?

Can You Believe That God Is A Good Father?

Can You Believe That God Is A Good Father?

Can You Believe That God Is A Good Father?

Can You Believe That God Is A Good Father?

Poems beginning in “Roses are red, violets are blue” were to my dad’s side of the family what a coat of arms is to a Scottish man. Also notice the unique block letters, phonetic spelling, and questionable punctuation. Dad would say, “Well, ya understood what I meant, didn’t ya?”

Do you see what kind of man my Dad was? He took care of me (not just with money help but in every way he possibly could), and he enjoyed doing it. Because of him, I have in my mind what a good dad is like. Because of my dad, it is no work at all for me to trust God when he says to call him Father. I feel completely comfortable asking God for any kind of help I need. I trust his love and his good intentions toward me.

…he is good.

And his love endures forever.

Psalm 136:1 (NIV)

And now today is the day that I am going to present to you something that I hope will help you trust God to be a good Father to you:

Can You Believe That God Is A Good Father?

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One day I started writing down all of the rich and good experiences I had with my Dad. They’re short stories (the kind you can read while you’re waiting for the macaroni water to boil), and I think they just might convince you, if you need convincing, or remind you, if you need reminding, that there are good fathers out there, and they make a compelling argument that God will be good to you, just as he promises.

When I finished reading through the proof of My Father’s Hands for the last time, I closed the pages and said out loud to myself, “Now that is a happy book.”

And I know you need some happy.

Now if you’ll indulge me, because you know it’s my heritage, I’m going to close with these profound words and no punctation:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I hope you like the book

I writ for you


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  1. Christy!
    This post made me happy! I love the “roses are red” mantra. I love that you have been so well loved!
    You make me smile and think and sometimes you touch my core. You always help my faith.
    Bless you today!

  2. Oh Christy,
    Yet another thing we have in common! I too had a loving, fun and close relationship with my dad. How blessed we are to have those memories! I’m the only one of all my girl friends that was blessed that way…but, they now understand the full blessing of a fathers love through our Heavenly Father. PTL, Can’t wait to read your latest book! I may have to write you again at 2:10 in the morning, when I’m done reading it! I know you’ll be awake, wink!? Blessing & joy, Bridget?

    1. That is really the hope I have with this new book -that women will know the full blessings of God as Father. And I’ll look forward to hearing from you in the middle of the night!

  3. Beautiful! So glad you had a nurturing, generous and loving father – you are blessed. So many of us didn’t. We’ve had to work hard to believe God the Father is good because our earthly dads were full of conditional and performance based love.

    1. I cried in bed last night, my friend, and told my husband that my heart hurt for all the women who have not had a good story with their dads. I’m praying that my book helps with the work of knowing how good God can be.

      1. About 26 years ago, I received the revelation that my Father loved me – now that is my mission in life: to tell people God is good and how much He loves them! I look forward to your book!

        1. You make a great point -God is the one who reveals his loving heart to us. I had a great father and walked with Jesus from a young age, but I remember where I was in college when God first revealed to me how deep his love was. And I would say that’s an ongoing process of being surprised by new revelations of how much God cares about us. May God bless you as you write about this good news, sister!!!

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