Oh Lord, Here I Am Awake Again

Oh Lord, Here I Am Awake Again -christyfitzwater.com

His name was Brother Charlie. (Some people, because of the enormity of their personalities, never have a last name.) He was a cheerful, endearing Black man at Miller Heights Baptist Church, and we always hoped it was his turn to pray.

“Oh Lord,” he would call out, “Thank you for shakin’ my feeble body and wakin’ me up again.”

Now Brother Charlie is in heaven with Jesus, and that makes me even more want to pack a bag and head there right now. But no, it’s Monday here on earth, and I’m hearing Charlie’s prayer ringing out to start my day.

In Psalm 3:5(NIV) we read:

I lie down and sleep;

I wake again, because the LORD sustains me.

Why are we awake again? Because the eternal God has shaken our feeble bodies and has sustained our lives, so we can do good work, love our people, and seek his kingdom. He will hold us up all day long.