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This for The People Who Do Stupid Things

This for The People Who Do Stupid Things -christyfitzwater.com

If you’ve read Blameless, you’ll know I’m a recovering tardy person. So yesterday I got in the shower on time and made sure I was in the car and on the way to school by 10:45. This gave me enough time to get into the lobby and be ready for my two third-year students whom I teach at 11:04. I arrived in the fancy new lobby and sat down in an easy chair, so the girls could see that I had arrived not only early but with enough time to be at my leisure.

But I waited, and I waited. Students came and went but no sign of my Spanish students. Then it hit me.

I was so early, so magnificently punctual, that I had arrived on Tuesday for my Wednesday class.

My husband said I should write about this, and I asked what spiritual application I could possibly make. He said, “That sometimes we don’t have our heads on straight.”

(What is he trying to say?)

Here’s what I’m gonna tell you, from Psalm 100:5(NIV):

The LORD is good and his love endures forever.

Reason with me here. God’s love endures forever, which means if you’re confused about what day it is, he still loves you. If you’re looking for your cell phone, and then realize you’re actually talking on it, God continues to love you. If you smash a bee on your windshield while you’re driving, but you’re not sure you killed it, so you can’t let go of the napkin, and you look over and the guy in the truck next to you is laughing so hard that he has tears running down his face, God loves you even then.

One final piece of wisdom, and you may want to write it on a sticky note:

Today is Wednesday. All day.

And there is no stupid thing you could do today that could possibly stop the Lord from loving you. I speak with authority on this.

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  1. I couldn’t help but laugh as I read this post because I, too, suffer from this disease, and the worst is when I get the days mixed up, which happens at least every other week. One week, I showed up at the same appointment for different classes on three different day, each on the wrong days. The staff and I all laughed because it showed I was diligently trying to get to class, even the wrong one. Thanks for the inspiration, the knowing ‘it’s not just me’ and sharing your story with us. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness! This is so me. One of my students at church has learned to start out telling me what the date is. She’s in the second grade. My oldest son just shakes his head at me when I do stupid stuff. It’s so good to know that we don’t have to have our heads on straight for God to love us!

  3. And all God’s imperfect people said, “AMEN!”

  4. I do dumb things ALL THE TIME. This a great reminder for me that when I accidentally run into the wall when walking out the door, or write down the wrong set of math problems (Me: “Mr. Snyder how do you do this one?” Mr. Snyder: “You’re not supposed to do that one” Me: “Oh…”) that the Lord still loves me just as much. This also helps me think about how I should be loving those around me. If someone messes up I shouldn’t point and laugh but have a little grace, because, hey, we ALL mess up sometimes. So anyways, there’s my long, rambling thought :).
    – Estrella

  5. The phone thing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that! The same with keys. Or with my purse. Sigh. When we do these things, God just smiles and says, “Look at my sweet girls.” But thankfully, so thankfully, His love keeps coming. Thank you for this to-the-point reminder, Christy!

  6. Thank you. I needed this today. It made me smile too.

  7. Susan Pollard says:

    Thank you so much!! I look forward to reading everything you write. Today I enjoyed laughing out loud.

  8. That was hilarious! I loved reading this today, I am the Queen of doing stupid things in my family and I’m so glad they love me anyway. ♥ I always forget where I park my car, even when I make mental notes of it so I won’t forget – I still forget the mental notes. I fear parking garages for that reason unless my son is with me, even when he was in preschool he would ask “mommy are you looking for our car?” I would confess that I was and he ALWAYS pointed the way to finding our car.
    It’s just like the song from Cecil Frances Humphreys Alexander (1848) “All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small, All things wise and wonderful: The Lord God made them all.”

    1. Terri, about the car…I’m petrified of being one of those people wandering the parking lot for their long lost car! So what I do is always park in the same aisle. I know my weaknesses…you gotta do what you gotta do, right!

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