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Maybe You Forgot What Jesus Can Do

Yesterday I gave two munchkins and their cousin a ride home from Vacation Bible School, because their momma had to work.

First we made a dash through the rain that would.not.stop. Little legs jumping over huge lakes of water to get into the truck. I buckled them in (and maybe I miss those days a little bit –when a little one needed help with a seatbelt.)

As we drove to their house, windshield wipers working full time, I demanded they tell me what they had learned.

The kindergartner sang and clapped. Dripping cute.

And what about you? I asked her older brother.

We learned about Jesus, he said.

More than that. Come on, I said.

We learned that Jesus walked on the water, he said. He gave me this while my speed was lowered to prevent hydroplaning on Highway 2.

A good lesson for today, I said.

During the fourth watch of the night Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake.  (Matthew 14:25 NIV)

I woke up to that little boy’s words this morning. Jesus can walk on water. Jesus can do things that aren’t possible.

 Jesus can do what you need for the day.  -christyfitzwater.com

He can walk above the checkbook balance.

He can walk above loneliness and broken hearts.

He can walk above the relationships and the body decaying and the larger-than-life tasks.

He can walk above everything we lack.

A good lesson for today.