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Do the Math

Should I tell you that I use a calculator when I grade student papers? 30 total points minus 2.5. Ummmm. Do it in your head, dad would say. This was usually at the kitchen table, with a box of Kleenex and a math book sitting in front of him. Bless him. No dad tried harder…


Instead of Worry

I make sure anytime something difficult comes my way I always worry about it first. How will I fix this?  How will I get through this?  How will I survive this?  I, I, I. After a good stomach-churning moment or hour or few days, I remember I have help. Then I make sure to have…

Unmanageable Life

She might have been slightly beyond exhaustion on Saturday morning, after her first two weeks of going back to work and first two days of teaching, when she cracked open the bedroom door and fell weeping into his arms. Can’t sob do sob all sob of this. Head buried in his strong, warm shoulder. He…

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