You Need Real Power for Your Real Life

You Need Real Power for Your Real Life

Today is music Tuesday in my classroom. Can you hear my students cheering?

Music Tuesday is enjoyable, because it means doing work that feels more like taking a break. In front of them, students have a page where they slowly, over several weeks, fill in the lyrics to a worship song. Every week I give them a few more words to add, and gradually their Spanish listening skills improve.

The song my freshman class is working on is called Dios Es Poderoso, which means God is powerful. In English, the song is titled God Is Able.

But today I’m going to ask my students to get out a notecard and write down the title. Then I want each one to think about how he needs that title to be true in one area of his life.

Let’s see if we can get that statement about God off of the paper and into the heart.

My goal in living and my goal in writing is to know God and to help you do the same. That means together we pull truth out of the Bible, so that we can see it, feel it, experience it, use it, wear it, lean on it, do it, and build with it.

Several days ago, Matt and I were shaken out of bed in the wee hours, by a delightfully terrifying roll of thunder. For a short time, the sky was on fire, and the air cracked loud.

Yesterday I read David’s lyrics:

Sing to God,

O kingdoms of the earth,

sing praise to the Lord,

to him who rides the ancient skies above,

who thunders with mighty voice.

Psalm 68:33-33 (NIV)

These lyrics came off of the page for me. When I read that God’s voice thunders, I was back in the storm that made Matt and I run to the window. I could feel the power in David’s description of the Lord.

My prayer for you today is that your relationship with God will become a full sensory experience.

When you read the Bible, I pray the power of God’s words will send a sonic shock wave into your life that explodes into real help in real time.

Sing to God.

And when you sing, I pray it will be from your bedroom window where you wait eagerly, to hear the mighty voice of the Lord roll through your life again and again.

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