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What’s All This Stress and Pain Gonna Get Ya

Every so often I get enough of a leisurely day to pull out the Fleischmann’s. I’m undisciplined in the kitchen (although I’m hoping to grow out of that), but I do love to make a good yeast bread. Cinnamon rolls, homemade tortillas, or cinnamon rolls. Bread is like a garden except 69 hours less work….

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Woohoo! Yeah. You.

Saturday night a team of children hijacked the role of welcoming and changed everything. A few boys greeted me right off with a cheerful hello and a bulletin. Then I passed through two cartwheeling, cheering, clapping girls -one gorgeous African and one beautiful blonde. Welcome to church. Every single person got this hello, and I vote…

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Do the Math

Should I tell you that I use a calculator when I grade student papers? 30 total points minus 2.5. Ummmm. Do it in your head, dad would say. This was usually at the kitchen table, with a box of Kleenex and a math book sitting in front of him. Bless him. No dad tried harder…

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