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Woohoo! Yeah. You.

You are a bundle of potential this week.  -christyfitzwater.com

Saturday night a team of children hijacked the role of welcoming and changed everything. A few boys greeted me right off with a cheerful hello and a bulletin. Then I passed through two cartwheeling, cheering, clapping girls -one gorgeous African and one beautiful blonde.

Welcome to church.

Every single person got this hello, and I vote we put these kids on the church payroll. Who wouldn’t want to go to church when they’re going to face that kind of entrance?

Then my preacher man and I went to Qdoba like we always do after church, and a table full of friends clapped and cheered for us when we came in. Just ‘cause.

Why not?

I was reading in the National Geographic today about the complexity of the human brain, and when I got to information about the neuroendocrine transmitter dopamine, I read that it plays an important role in reward-motivated behavior.

Oh yes, I know what this is. It’s when people cheer you into a room, and you want to keep coming back if it’s gonna be like that every week.

So may I have the honor of cheering you into Monday morning?

Matt sang this to me the other morning, a little Sunday School song we both learned growing up. It made me groan, but then I smiled when he wasn’t looking…

You are a promise.

You are a possibility.

You are a promise, with a capital P.

You are a great big bundle of potenti-a-li-ty.

Okay, guys. You HAVE to listen to the old Gaither version of this song. It’ll make you laugh or throw up. Or laugh and throw up. But if it doesn’t start you out smiling this morning, I don’t know what will. (If you grew up singing this song, don’t you want to sing it in somebody’s ear this morning? Ignore them when they beg you to stop.)

Cartwheels for you!!! (And hurray for words, because I never, ever could do one single cartwheel with my actual body.)

You are the light of the world…  (Matthew 5:14 NIV)


  1. Alisha Smith says:

    Smile on my face. Memories of rolling my eyes when my folks wouldn’t stop playing the Gaithers! Now sharing this tune with my kiddos makes all come full circle. Sunday School songs are a powerful thing. Thanks for the walk down memory lane this morning:)

    1. Yes, I was thinking how powerful music is that we learn when we’re young. My husband and I could still sing that whole song. Certainly should be an encouragement to all the parents and Sunday School teachers out there!

  2. Cindy Morris says:

    Wow my first email of the day! Thank you for clapping me into a new week! Always enjoy your post. God is using you in a mighty way – thank you for obeying.

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