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Prepping for The Hard Stuff in 2015

You should have heard us at church last Saturday night. That preacher man –who looked mighty fine –had us looking back on all the good in 2015.

Three years ago we started a debt emancipation to pay off our building mortgage of 1.3 millions dollars, and today it is payed off. What do we say to God’s goodness? he asked.

Hallelujah! we said.

He had coached us to say hallelujah, from Psalm 106:

What will you say to the hard stuff in 2015?  -christyfitzwater.com

We hallelujah-ed about God’s miraculous work in paying off our mortgage.

We hallelujah-ed about the weddings and the baptisms and the new folks who had joined our church family.

We hallelujah-ed the way we had shared the gospel out in the world.

Then the preacher had us thinking about the hard stuff of 2014, and we hallelujah-ed how God had loved us all along the way and how he had taken care of us.

But then he said,

What about the hard stuff that’s coming in 2015? Will we hallelujah then?

Of course we would, because God is good.

Okay, so then Matt and I got home and were basking in the glow of worshiping a good God with the people we love so much.

‘Bout then our teenager came in the door with this announcement:

The car is acting so weird. The radio cut out and some of the trouble lights just came on.


(Sometimes you wish your husband hadn’t preached certain things quite so recently.)

I could feel our anxiety come to a rolling boil in less than a minute.

Hadn’t that preacher just talked about the Israelites and how they had seen God’s wonders and then freaked out when they were sandwiched between Egyptian chariots and the Red Sea? We all shook our heads in church, like there was no way we were gonna act like those Israelites.

Then car trouble was a cloud of dust a-comin’. Just like said chariots.

Hallelujah, I declared internally.

God took care of us in 2014, and he will take care of us in 2015.

I will trust him with car trouble and paying for car trouble.

Because God is good, and his faithful love endures forever.

Can I get an amen? (Preacher says that a lot.)


  1. Amen! Oh, Christy, I just loved everything about this. So thanks for sharing this great message from that Preacher Man of Yours.

    1. Of course, I apologized later to Matt for writing about shooting laser beams at him with my eyes. He said, “Oh, I thought you were squinching your eyes so you could actually see me.” Those men…

  2. !!! LOVE THIS !!!
    Thanks for sharing this spunky story with us today, Christy! You’re hilarious! And, gosh, what an excellent reminder! HALLELUJAH!

  3. Ellen Cole says:

    Amen! We sometime wonder how we’ll ever get through…but we always do! God is good!

  4. Amen! I understand. Our church is faced with the prospect of selling to the city who want the land to build a new library. We can’t support our huge old downtown church so this is a gift in many ways, but many can’t see the good in it. I understand the pain of leaving the familiar for the unknown. My tire light keeps coming on in my old van, we just had it checked and it came on again. Hallelujah? Yes, I have a paid off van! Stay warm out there!

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