How to Spend an Hour with God

One of my favorite summer activities is to take my Bible out back to a lawn chair on a Sunday morning. It’s an unrushed hour I can spend with the Lord in the sunshine. For some reason, in the summer it seems okay to indulge in fresh air, sunshine, and time to relax.

I encourage you this summer to find a sunny spot by yourself and spend a full hour with the Lord that maybe wouldn’t be the same during the winter months.

An Hour with God


So here’s how to fill an hour:

  • Start by praying that God will help you focus on Him for a whole hour.  Pray hard.  You have an enemy who wants you to get sleepy and distracted and maybe you should empty the dishwasher and oh you just got a text… (See what I mean)
  • Read the Bible.  My mom gave me a read-the-Bible-in-a-year Bible, so that’s what I read. (I got this Bible 13 months ago, and I’m halfway through -you know how it is.)  I wrote here and here about things to look for when reading the Bible.  Write down everything that jumps out at you.  Write down questions you have.  Write down what you think God wants you to believe or to DO.
  • You’ll need a notebook to write stuff.  I’m in love with composition notebooks, because they only cost, like 50 cents.
  • Write down, Lord, thanks forand just start writing as many things that happened yesterday or recently that were gifts of goodness from God.  “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father…”  (James 1:17)
  • Write down some confessions of sin.  (And what are you gonna do about those?)
  • Write down all the stuff that weighs on you –pray for help.
  • Write prayers for people.
  • Work on a memory verse.
  • Commit your day to the Lord.

Happy summer!