This Call Is Being Recorded

One of the not-fun activities of the week has been tackling the paperwork. You should have seen my mom’s eyes when the mail came on Saturday and she added yet another envelope to the stack she says she has been putting off until tomorrow.

Patience matters. -christyfitzwater.com

So Monday morning I went with her to the VA, where we turned in a death certificate weighing heavy in the hands. We wait to see if dad’s time on the ground in Vietnam will yield a widow’s pension due to Agent Orange.

Then my brother took over in the afternoon. Here I make mention the fact that he has been bumped up to hero status since my dad died. Captain America. Iron Man. The Incredible Hulk. Thor. My brother.

We started at the financial advisor.

Went from there to Social Security.

Then to the bank.

Tuesday it was a phone call to health insurance.

And here is what I say –customer service can be heroish, too.

Thank God for the patient people –the ones who will stick with you for a long time, answer a bajillion questions, clarify, stay on the line, keep an even voice, stay cool even when they can tell you’re about to lose it, act like you’re the only one they’re serving today, laugh like they’re in no hurry, and keep a good choice of candy on their desk.

Maybe we could exercise extraordinary patience as we serve our people today?

Be patient with everyone.  (1 Thessalonians 5:14 NASB)