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What God Intends for You

My own retelling of Ephesians 1:4…

In the beginning,

When the earth was empty

And there was only darkness,

You were on his mind.

Before he touched the keyboard and made the story come alive.

Before you ever did anything wrong.

And before anyone ever did wrong to you.

There was the thought of you.

He chose you.

He made a place for you, where you would fit just under his arm.

He chose you, follower of Christ, to be this:

God has always intended for you to be blameless.  -christyfitzwater.com

Beautiful white on a perfect day, covered by the righteousness of his Son.


Before he said,

Let there be light.

Let there be an expanse.

Let the water be gathered.

Let dry ground appear.

Let the land produce.

Let there be lights in the sky.

Let the water teem and the birds fly.

Let there be creatures.

Before he spoke those creative thoughts and they became…

He said, Let her be holy and blameless.

Because he wanted to see you in all perfection.

Head to toe.

All for him.

In love.

Every day God is transforming you, to be everything he ever hoped you would be.

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  1. Wow Christ! Thank you so much for that simple, but profound, reminder. May each of us remember how God sees us and live in that reality.

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