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If We Can Just Make it through Friday

Friday offers something we all desperately need.  -christyfitzwater.com

The last time I saw her she was trying to keep up with friends in the hallway.

Wait! I can’t run in these shoes, she said.

She was beautiful, and then she was in a fatal car crash on Monday night.

So this week has brought me once again into the land of the grieving, except this time I walked into a school full of weeping students and weeping teachers and weeping staff.

An entire school looking at an empty chair, class after class.

I did a lot of hugging on Tuesday.

Then I sat down at my desk and cried over my lunch.

I would not have chosen to be in this place of sorrow, when I felt like I was just crawling out of it, but I do choose to know God.

And God is close to the brokenhearted.

This is where we find him, in the place none of us wants to be. With the phone call and the bad news. The shock. Kleenex after Kleenex.

God is here.

He was… a man of suffering, and familiar with pain.  (Isaiah 53:3 NIV)

I want to know God in this place, and so I look for him. I look for his good work. I look for the surprise grace. I look for souls transformed.

This beautiful young woman is now in the presence of the God I know and love.

Someday we will be with him, too.

Today is a Friday –the day we all live for.

Please, Lord, just help me make it to Friday, we pray.

I keep telling my momma, If we can just hold on. If we can just hold on until 5:00 and it’s finally our time of rest. If we can just keep going through this time of loneliness for the people we love who have gone ahead to be with Jesus.

It seems so long –Monday through Friday, with alarm clocks and nothing but work to do. Kissing the people we love goodbye at the door while we head out with a lunch box. It seems like it lasts forever.

But forever is coming.

Until then, we look for God in this day, and he is close.


  1. Wonderful encouraging post !
    My 10 year old daughter had tears roll down her face yesterday when I shared this news of her Sunday school teacher passing on to Eternity. She was a wonderful young lady who passed on a legacy of cheerfully teaching and loving 4th graders at church the day before she was to meet our Lord .
    It made me ponder and question – What will my legacy be the day before I leave this Earth to meet my God face to face ? I pray that it will be filled with love , joy and encouragement to those around me , like this young lady so faithfully did .
    Prayers for her family & friends

    1. I am not surprised to hear that Tabitha was also a Sunday School teacher. The kids must have loved her creativity and sweet spirit! And I feel the same way -her death makes me think about what kind of person I am and what I will leave behind. Definitely praying for her family and friends on this hard day.

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