Getting Control of Yourself

Getting Control of Yourself

Experience told me they would balk at the assignment, so I rehearsed a pep talk that would bat away their complaints.

“Listen, guys,” I said. “I can translate this list of verbs in 33 seconds. I’m asking you to be able to do the same in less than 60 seconds. You can do this. All you need is the knowledge, which you already possess, and then a lot of practice. It’s challenging but do-able.”

After that impressive speech, my students began working on the verb study guide, and I gave an internal nod. We were going to get there together.

Later that day, I got a surprising word from the Lord.

“Hey,” he said to me.

“Yes?” I responded.

“You know that thing you’ve been asking me about –that place where you keep losing control?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Well, what you need is knowledge about the right way to act, which you already have, and then a lot of practice.”

Aaaaaaaggggggh. See what the Spirit did there? Turned my own pep talk against me.

I’m reading James 1:22 this morning, from my teacher perspective, and it’s making me cringe:

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.

Do what it says.

Do it.


Practice again.



Practice sets the real students apart from the wanna-be’s. Practice reveals itself on tests and in the grade book. Who actually did the work and who just talked a good game?

“It’s hard!” say my students.

“Do it anyway,” I say. Of course it’s hard. You don’t translate 30-plus verbs in less than 60 seconds unless you’ve put in the time.

“It’s hard!” I say to the Lord.

The Spirit throws me a look and just says, “Yup.”

End of story.


  1. Dede Eller says:

    Such a struggle. Just what I needed to hear. I’m glad I’m not the only one in this struggle. How else will we become much fine gold, though? Thank you for sharing what God lays on your heart with this fellow fit thrower (“It’s hard!” I say as I stomp my heart’s foot at God when He tells me to practice.)

  2. Thanks. Very timely and helpful.

  3. Truth.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Diane Nickerson says:

    Ugh. Stab to the heart! Who knew encouragement could also be so painful? Rather like dieting and exercise when you have a LOT to lose. Worth it, needful, but painful. Guess where I am struggling. So, off I go to practice, practice, practice….

    Don’t you just love it when your own words get turned on ya? LOL Was I ever able to sympathize as I read!

    1. Stab is right -but worth the pain when we truly are striving to become the women God wants us to be, eh? Thanks for the sympathy!!!

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