Praying for the One Who Is Far from God

I have his name written on a 3 x 5 card, slipped into one of the pockets in my $2 photo album that serves as an economical prayer journal.

I don’t know for sure, seein’s how as I can’t see into the soul of a man, but I’m pretty convinced, by all outward signs, that this one has never bent his knees in front of Jesus. The peril of his soul haunts me night and day.

I told my preacher husband, Don’t you wish you could crawl inside a person and turn his heart toward God?

But I can’t, so I labor over my friend in prayer.

Praying for someone's soul should be along commitment.  -christyfitzwater.com

As I’m praying for the salvation of this precious soul, I feel my helplessness –not just for him but for me. I can’t change him. Can’t change myself. I am completely dependent on Christ to do the work of transforming. This knowledge turns me into a beggar at the throne of God.

Please, Jesus. Make our hearts soft toward you.

One time when I was in high school a friend declared his atheism. My God-loving soul felt the slap of that statement, so I started praying for my friend. We graduated, and I kept praying. Four years later we ended up working at the same grocery store. After work one day, we were walking out together. I had been planning to talk to him about Jesus, but he spoke first.

Guess what?

He reached inside his shirt and pulled out a cross necklace.

I just decided to follow Christ.

Outwardly I rejoiced with him. Inwardly I did the cartwheels I could never manage to pull off in gymnastics class.

I couldn’t turn an atheist into a Christian, but God did it.

God did the work.

I bet you’re praying for someone. I know sometimes you feel tired and a bit hopeless, wondering if the person will ever love God. Well, let’s not give up.

Let’s keep praying for that soul the way somebody probably prayed for ours.