Your Work Could Be Like this

I just got back from visiting my mom in Wonderful Wyoming. (That’s what it says on the sign when you enter the state.)

We got up in good time last Thursday morning to go to the library for a little bit, where my mom has been a librarian for three decades.

The custodian had gotten a job in another town, so the librarians were having a goodbye breakfast for him.

Besides getting in on Becky Packer’s best cinnamon rolls ever made in the known universe (it’s the almond frosting, we think), I listened to the librarians talk about how much they appreciated the custodian.

On the way up the stairs, mom had said, He does so much more than he has to, like hang leaves from the ceiling for us.

It seems like he does stuff before we even known it needs done, another librarian said.

And I was inspired by this.

What extra touch will you add to your work today?

I have a thing for people who are in positions with not-so-glorious titles but who do their work so well and so above what’s required that they attract glory anyway.

So it’s a Monday, and we could ho-hum our way through it or we could do incredible work.

We could work at a level that no one expects but from which everyone in our circle feels the benefit.

Out 0f gratitude to Jesus for all his above-what’s-expected work for us, we could add to our work what Becky Packer’s frosting adds to cinnamon rolls.

BE the frosting.


  1. Sweet post just like you do every time Christy! Blessings from our precious Lord & Savior Jesus.

  2. I absolutely LOVE this!! BE the frosting is, hands down, some of the best advice I’ve ever heard! 😀 Here I go ……… off to be that sweet little something extra that makes the WHOLE cake. Be blessed, sister!

  3. Margot Bissell says:

    Christy, do you live in Whitefish, MT?? I’m from Bigfork, living in AZ. I saw my niece Amy Leffman’s post about your blog and was so inspired by it that I subscribed to it! Then I noticed the address on your post. So cool. Thank you for loving God and inspiring me.
    -margot bissell

    1. You’re so encouraging to me! I live in Kalispell and go to Amy’s church. Nice to meet you. 🙂

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