Can You Count on Help?

I will not tell you how many times we have watched The Avengers at this house.

So can you join me in the world of ripped-muscle super heroes, with impenetrable shield, iron armor, eagle eyes, cunning espionage, smashing strength, and lightning-infused hammer?

This is Psalm 2 and 3.

David with TENS of thousands drawn up against him on every side.  Many saying, “God will not deliver him.”  (Psalm 3:2)

God will not help you!

Then there is the One.  (Best superhero name EVER.)

And please, please can I say it?  I’m picturing my husband begging, Honey, no.  I can’t help it.

You do not want the One to put the hammer down.


God will help you.

The One has a wrath that can flare up in a moment.  And He tells King David what’s about to come down with the enemies, “You will dash them to pieces like pottery.”  (Psalm 2:9)

(This is how I read the Bible, people.  Outside –a gentle woman sipping coffee, gently turning pages while tucked under a blanket.  Inside –a 15-year-old boy.  Yes.)

But from my imaginings the Spirit of God says, This enemy lie is what you hear every day.  The lie of “Your God will not help you.”

Your God will not help you get out of debt.  Your God will not help you get through school.  Your God will not do anything about that relationship.  Your God will not lift a finger to free you from addiction.  Your God will not help you manage your home.  Your God will not help you be a good mom.

I have vowed, from now on when this lie is hissed to me, to picture God laughing at my enemy’s threats –the mocking smirk of the One, just before *SMASH*.

He will help.



  1. LOVE it! I can relate to marvel comics…and I don’t even have a teenage son! I look forward to reading your blog every day, thank you for your diligence and encouragement. You are such a blessing in my life!

    1. And now you’ve encouraged me, dear friend. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for this ….standardized test time around here. “Our God
    WILL help us! ” Yes!

    1. Testing -that makes for a long week! Praying God sustains you.

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