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Monday Power Starts With Your Best Chunk of Time

I recently wrote about God’s power on Mondays, and a friend thought I should make this a series.  Seems like a great idea, so I’m going to bring you Monday Power posts for a while.  (It’s so fun to have your own blog and just do whatever fun thing you want!)


Let me begin by telling you that one of the greatest values my dad got across to us kids was the importance of giving the first 10% of every paycheck as an offering to the Lord.  This was a nonnegotiable habit at our house, and my dad spoke of it often.  My husband was raised with the same teaching, so it’s always been really easy for us to give the first 10% of a paycheck as our offering to our church.  We would never even think of spending that money on anything else.

So last night we were watching some teaching by Chuck Ingram regarding time management.  He said, Give your best chunk of time to the Lord.

My dad’s die-hard 10% offering came to mind.

The Israelites received this instruction:  “You shall give him the first fruits of your grain, your new wine, and your oil, and the first shearing of your sheep.”  (Deuteronomy 18:4  NASB)  The first and best chunk of everything was to be given to the Lord.

I acknowledge I have only benefited from giving money to the Lord.  There has been only blessing and never regret for having that habit in my life.  Why wouldn’t the same be true if I were to skim off the top of my time and give the best of it to the Lord?


Chuck said he always gives the first hour of every day to reading the Bible and praying.  (An hour?  Are you kidding me?  An HOUR?????)  He said when he spends the first hour of his day with the Lord, God shows him how to spend the rest of his day.

If we offer our best time to the Lord, He in turns offers His power and wisdom.

I’m not asking you to give an hour of time to the Lord.  (I know there are some working moms and some mothers of preschoolers out there who would skewer me for suggesting such a thing is even possible.)  But I encourage you to ask the same question I had to ask myself:  What is my best chunk of time, and am I willing to offer it to the Lord every day, to honor Him and in order to experience the power I long for in my life?


  1. Aimee Weller says:

    Wow…I was supposed to get up early this morning for my prayer time and ended up pushing the snooze button…for an HOUR! I am feeling quite convicted now as I head out the door for work. Thanks for the powerful reminder. I will be getting up on time tomorrow.

    1. Oh no -stupid blog post! 🙂 Thank God His mercies are new every morning. I’m praying God will help you get up and spend precious time with him tomorrow!

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