Today Extraordinary Involves a Toilet Brush

All I’ve ever wanted is to help people get closer to God.

Now, coming up on age 44 my life is much what I hoped it would be.  This week I’ll teach four times at church, work with kids on their memory verses, help plan a worship service, write some blog posts…  Lots of meaningful activity that will affect the spirits of people.

But then there’s today.  And today has no teaching in it and maybe no significant writing event.  I’m not gonna see anybody to change a life.

I’m just at home.

And the main activities I need to accomplish this day include paying a few bills, renewing a library book, thawing pork roast, and cleaning the bathrooms.

toilet brush

But this Bible I love to teach says the older women are to teach the younger women “to be busy at home…so that no one will malign the word of God.”  (Titus 2:5  NIV)

In my desire to teach great spiritual lessons, I forget that doing chores is connected to the word of God.  A sparkly toilet and empty laundry bin and dinner on the table are connected to people’s impression of all this truth I speak in the formal classrooms.

Will my well-ordered home be the most powerful lesson I ever teach –a reflection of the God whose words have tidied and scrubbed my messy soul?

Up I go.  Off the computer and to the linen closet in search of Comet.


  1. Your comment about house cleaning is so try to me as well….I really dislike housework..dishes and laundry are okay..but it is the hard cleaning that needs done periodically, and I find myself finding every excuse to do something else…and most of the time I justify doing something else because I am doing something else for someone else…spreading love…but there comes a time when that dirty toilet just won’t let me rest….the cleaning that requires you to get down on your hands and knees and clean those areas you don’t want to even look at much less look hard and long at to get it clean enough to be presentable when company comes over…but required ….
    This analogy makes me think of the cleaning and preparation I need to do for my mind, body and spirit to be effective and presentable to non-believers…sometimes it is messy, stinky and undesirable…sometimes I just want to throw my hands up and pay someone else to come clean up the mess!

    1. Have you tried Motivated Moms? I just love it -it gives a daily plan that doesn’t feel overwhelming but really gets to the deep cleaning stuff, too. I highly recommend her daily checklist!!

    1. They’re all clean and shiny now. 🙂

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