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The Kindness of A God Who Will Nix Your Request

The Kindness of A God Who Will Nix Your Request  -christyfitzwater.com

Exactly this time two years ago I was in a bad way. I had lost my medical transcription job earlier in the year, due to the incoming of electronics into the medical field. I had dreams of being a plain-ol’ housewife, but we were having a hard time meeting budget without me working.

I was begging God, Please don’t make me get a job. Please don’t make me get a job. But slowly I had to resign myself to the necessity of a paycheck. Then God lowered a Spanish job into my lap.

You know what I was telling the Lord over my cup of coffee yesterday?

I was telling him thanks.

Having summers off is wonderful rest, but the days can be long to fill. God knew I needed that teaching job –a reason to get up and get dressed every day. He knew I needed those students who would alternately make me laugh and then keep me awake at night. I love being at home, but some hours of outside work in the day have been really good for my morale.

I’m so glad God didn’t give me the solitary housewife role I was requesting.

In Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV), we read this instruction:

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

My own understanding, of my employment situation and what would be a satisfying life, was limited. God knew what was best for the checkbook and for my emotional well-being. He gave me a job that allows me plenty of time for the housewife routine, too.

So what is your request to God right now?

Are you brave enough to pray, “Whatever you think is best for me, Lord. Whatever you think is best.”