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Ten Steps to Meditating on The Bible

Ten Steps to Meditating on The Bible  -christyfitzwater.com

I annoyed my little Awana girls.

They gathered around me to say their Bible memory verses last night. I always make them explain what the verse means and talk about how we should obey it or believe it. This makes them nuts, because really they just want to say it as fast as they can (wow can they talk fast) and get me to sign my name in their books so they can move on.

When I got an eye roll last night it reminded me of how we act toward God sometimes. Just kind of going to church and maybe reading the Bible –but please don’t make me slow down and learn this stuff and think about how I’m actually going to do it.

It was ironic. One little girl was learning a verse about how we have a new life in Christ. She was impatient that I was making her talk about what that meant. Except she didn’t know that slowing down and taking time to think about the verse and talking about what it means and how it works in our lives –well, that’s opening our hearts to the very Source of new life.

I think I need to teach my Awana kids how to meditate on Bible verses, and maybe you’d like to hear, too?

It sounds all mystical, but it’s not.


Ten Steps to Meditating on The Bible

  1. Read the verse in its context. Maybe read the whole chapter it’s found in.
  2. Ask questions of the verse. WHO is talking to whom? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? WHY? HOW? Question the text to death.
  3. What significant words are repeated? They’re probably important.
  4. Look up the meaning of any words you don’t know.
  5. What does this verse mean? (Does it mean what you always thought it meant?)
  6. Is there anything in the verse you need to BELIEVE? If so, decide immediately if you will. If believing this verse seems impossible, talk to God about it.
  7. Is there anything in the verse you need to OBEY? If so, decide immediately what action you’re going to take.
  8. Write the verse on a notecard. Work on memorizing it throughout the day. (You’ve spent this much time on it –might as well make it permanent in your thinking.)
  9. Talk about the verse with a spouse or a kid or a friend.
  10. Pray through the verse before you go to bed.

That’s a long list. Do you feel like my Awana girls? Are you thinking, “Wow, can’t I just read the Bible and move on?” The answer is no. Not if you want your life to change.

Which of the steps above is a new idea for you?


  1. This is my first visit to your blog, and I just have to comment! Thank you for the tips on meditating on God’s word. I really want to do it, but just didn’t really know how to go about it. I am going to try your steps! Thanks so much. BTW-We were in Montana for the first time last summer and visited Glacier. What BEAUTY!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Susan! I’m so glad you found those meditation tips helpful. Even if you just do half of them you’re doing great!! I love your website, by the way.

  2. Great tips ….someday those AWANA girls will roll their eyes back in their heads and thank God for a woman who sacrificed to teach them to love God’s law.

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