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Ten Good Reasons to Confide in God

Ten Good Reasons to Confide in God  -christyfitzwater.com

My husband is a licensed professional counselor, and people are often surprised that he doesn’t tell me anything about their problems. He never even mentions their names to me. If someone calls the house, he goes upstairs to the bedroom so he can talk in private.

He is a safe person to confide in.

And I thought maybe you would be encouraged to remember God has sent His Spirit to us as a counselor who wants to give us more life than we ever could have imagined.

…his name will be called wonderful counselor… (Isaiah 9:6 NIV)

10 Good Reasons to Confide in God

He never sleeps. I know not to share any heavy problems with Matt before 10:00 in the morning, but we don’t have to check the time or the coffee pot before we call on God. (Psalm 121:4) 

He doesn’t have his own issues to deal with. He always has his whole act together and doesn’t need anything from us. “I have no need of a bull from your stall or of goats from your pens.” (Psalm 50:9 NIV) 

He invites dumping. “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7 NIV) 

His response is guaranteed. God isn’t moody or unpredictable. We will always find him to be just, kind, good, patient, and loving. (Psalm 33:4-5) 

He doesn’t keep hours. We’re instructed to pray 24/7. (1 Thessalonians 5:17) 

He keeps secrets. We can see this in his disdain for gossips. (Proverbs 20:19) 

He totally gets you. (Psalm 139) 

He knows your back story. “I know your deeds…” (Revelation 3:15 NIV) 

He sees your failures and stands ready to forgive. Every single time. (1 John 1:9) 

He can help. He’s rich and powerful, so he has every resource you could possibly need. He can work externally in relationships and bank accounts. He can heal bodies. He can actually get inside your soul and make necessary changes.

No appointment necessary.

Walk-ins welcome.


  1. Tammy Kiser says:

    Love it Christy! How timely for me. Appreciate those words.

  2. Amen and amen! Thanks for this reminder today.

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