If You’re at the End of Giving Yourself

As women we give and give of ourselves. Sometimes we need something.  -christyfitzwater.com

Last night I needed to write a blog post to you, but instead I sat and snuggled on the couch with my man, and we watched a few inspiring YouTube videos.

To his credit (and it’s his birthday today, by the way), he endured not one but two wedding proposal videos, with my head tucked into his shoulder, and maybe, just maybe, some tears when the girls said yes. (I’ll leave you to decide whether my tears or Matt’s. He’s gettin’ a bit softer about these things the older his little girl gets.)

Anyway, I did the same with Jesus.

Came downstairs after a long day and sat in front of the computer. I typed the two bold and underlined question marks that I always put at the top of the page where the hopefully amazing blog title is going to go.

Then I put the cursor under those question marks and just sat there.

I said, Lord, I need to say something meaningful on this page tonight, but really what I need is you. 


Time to pray.

Time to enjoy the presence of Christ in my life.

Not producing. Not writing. Not giving or ministering or caring about others.

I just needed some shoulder time with the Creator.

It’s good to live a life that gives and gives and gives. But do we know when to stop and enjoy the One who sources the giving?

“Praise the Lord, O my soul. Praise the Lord.” (Psalm 104:35 NIV)

Hope you can sneak a few minutes with Jesus today.


  1. Wonderful post. Great reminder to seek our time with HIM over all else. Blessings for your day.

  2. Your post today is an answer to prayers I’ve lifted to our Father on your behalf this week. I’d been asking Him to help you not suffer from the pressure of personal expectation but to walk in the strength of His equipping power.

    1. You are so kind. What a gift to be prayed for, and I thank you. God has definitely encouraged me in several ways this week!

  3. Christy, I want to hit reply and shout AMEN every day when I read your blog!! It’s so precious and refreshing. My mom forwarded one to me (that I had read, of course), saying that your post was her confirmation of what she had been praying about. (I almost forwarded it to you, but I decided against it.) God is using you, and we love you! We talk about you, Christy, like we know you. Thanks for being so open and honest and for displaying your love of Jesus. You bless your readers, specifically, my mom and me!

    1. I cannot even tell you how deeply this encouragement went into my soul. The one thing I’ve always wanted in writing is, ridiculously I suppose, to be friends with everyone who reads it! I always imagine hanging out in my living room with you and chatting about life and dirty toilets and what God is doing in our lives. So for you to say you and your mom talk like you know me is just delightful. Please tell your mom hello and ask if she wants to drop in for coffee!! 🙂

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