Seeing God’s Hand

I only have one short thought for you that comes from lying on the couch with a low-grade fever for three days.

Thank God for 98.6.

Seeing God's hand in places we normally overlook.

(How great is this picture for playing on your sympathy!)

I once heard a professor argue for the existence of a Creator, and he urged us to consider the tight specifications by which the world runs. He said if the earth were to tilt on its axis by even a tiny bit we would all die because of climate changes. How could something so precise have been caused by random events?

And our bodies will only allow us a few tenths of a degree in change before we’re moaning on the couch.

So from the chills and body aches I praise the Lord for his evidence in creating this finely tuned body of mine. (Yes, I laughed as I typed that.) What a miracle it is to have a normal temperature every day.

Where do you see God’s hand of creation in something you normally take for granted?


  1. Hope your feeling better. I have been sporting a summer cold (cough and sore throat) for the last 6 days. It truly is amazing how much we take swallowing without pain for granted!

    1. So sorry, Wendi! I was just reading a story about a man who lost the ability to swallow because of a muscle disease. It made me so thankful for swallowing!

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