How to Be Rich at the End of the Month

My grandma wrote newsy letters to the family on a regular basis, typed all the way out to the edges of the paper. She wrote about what the birds were doing in the front tree and about how well her garage sale went. She wrote about what was available at the food store and about how fast her chocolate sheet cake went at the church potluck.

But more than anything she wrote about people.

I remember one time she described the person who pushed her in a wheelchair from one airplane concourse to the other. It was a short interaction, but she appreciated the person and the conversation and the attitude with which she was pushed.

I remember Corrie Ten Boom describing her imprisonment in a Nazi camp and her long stretch of solitary confinement. She told about the day she was finally pulled out of solitary, to go take a shower, and what a blessing it was to get to see another human face.

We are rich in people.

Here it is the last day of the month, and my money envelopes are plum empty.

But I’m feeling rich.

Thank God for people and all those brief interactions during the day.

Thank God for a hello and a quick hug.

Thank God for a boy half asleep over a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats and for the man who wants me to help pack his hunting supplies.

Thank God for Spanish students who make me laugh and for a quick chat with my mom on the phone.

Thank God for your face.

I’m going to steal Paul’s words:

“I thank my God every time I remember you.” (Philippians 1:3 NIV)

I don’t know what this day holds for you, but at least you will have the blessing of people in it, yes?


  1. I love you, Christy Fitzwater, and I am choosing you to be someone I thank God for today because you live your real life right in front of us.
    Father, thank you for dear Christy, a woman who follows you when the road is bumpy, who admits she sometimes looks over the fence that keeps her on your path and sees on one side the chasm of despair and on the other the valley of greener grass. Thank you that she shares these times with us. Thank you that you bring her sight back to the path where she rediscovers your peace, strength, love, grace and so much more. Thank you that she shares these times with us. Thank you for her family who also lives pieces of their lives before us; they, too, are encouragers and strengtheners in our journeys. Father, would you, today, fill Christy and her family with a moment of such joy and security in you that they just can’t speak because you are holding them so close to you. Thank you for loving them so very much. Amen.

    1. This is so precious to be prayed for. Thank you so, so much. What kind words.

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