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Missing Something?

This was the nightmare –that my girl came down the aisle wearing one of my mother’s slips and a bathrobe. I quickly yanked her into the seat next to mine and said, What are you doing? Where’s your dress? She said she had gotten it dirty and had ruined it trying to get the dirt out. I spent the rest of the dream trying to get her dress repaired and worrying if all the guests would leave before I could finish. Woke up in a sweat.

Mother-of-the-bride dreams.

It was the first thing we did after the sparkly landed on her finger in December –went looking for wedding dresses. And in the stress of wedding prep I keep encouraging her that she’s got the man and the dress –who cares if anything else goes as planned on that special day?

In Jeremiah 2:32, the Lord cries out against the adulterous hearts of his people:

Does a maiden forget her jewelry, a bride her wedding ornaments? Yet my people have forgotten me, days without number.

Would a bride forget her wedding dress and those perfect high-heel shoes?

Here’s a picture of me and that preacher man 23 years ago.

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She tried it on again last night, with all the accessories. In the guest room where we’ve been staging the wedding, she had to make her way around hot cups and the boys’ new shoes and decorations piled high. But in the middle of all that it was still the lengths of beautiful fabric pouring out from the closet that matter the most. We did some giggling as I cinched her into that dress, trying to remember how to fasten it.

The Lord compares himself to a wedding dress.

And he looks at his people going into the day dressed in nothing but a slip and a bathrobe. What in the world are we doing without adorning ourselves in relationship with him before stepping out?

Picture the doors of Monday opening. All stand. Turn. Look.

What are you wearing?