God’s Closet

I used to lay on my mom’s bed and try to peak into her closet when she was getting her clothes out for the day, because there were a few little shelves up high where she kept future gifts.

She would keep her eyes open while shopping, and if she saw something on sale that looked like it would be a good present for somebody, she would buy it and tuck it away for someday. When I needed to go to a birthday party, she would say, Oh, I think I might have something you can take. 

David sings of the Lord, “How great is your goodness, which you have stored up for those who fear you…” (Psalm 31:19 NIV)

There's goodness waiting for you.  -christyfitzwater.com

Goodness stored up means there has been forethought.

God looks ahead and tucks away good stuff for down the road. He must keep his eyes open all the time, to think of what will be needed and what will be special, just like my mom always has.

And goodness stored up means abundance.

Only people with a surplus can store up stuff, which means God has enough goodness to give us today and then a closet full for tomorrow and next week and two years from now.

And if the goodness will never run out? That means my heart should be full of hope, the way I used to lay on the bed and try to catch a peak at all mom’s stored-up goodness.

Looking for it.

Because I knew it was there and trusted it would be pulled out and gifted when it was time.

Take this thought with you today: God has a shelf of goodness with your name on it.


  1. Christy, I really loved this encouragement. A beautiful way to start my day. Thank you! My mother-in-law recently passed away, but she was one of those women who would always have her eye open for a good deal or a great gift and would have things on hand. Even at Christmas she’d have a few extra non-labeled, already wrapped gifts sitting around in case an unexpected visitor showed up. 🙂 Such wisdom and goodness!

    1. Your mother-in-law sounds like a beautiful, generous person. Thank God this is how he acts toward us.

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