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For The Tired, Not-Gonna-Make-It People

For The Tired, Not-Gonna-Make-It People  -christyfitzwater.com

He was an elderly Black man, and we always inwardly celebrated when it was his turn to lead the congregation of Miller Heights Baptist Church in corporate prayer. We called him Brother Charlie.

Dear Lord, he prayed. Thank you for shakin’ my feeble body and wakin’ me up this mornin’. With Texas accent added to sincerity of heart, he always started his prayer this same way.

We had a little worship chorus we sang all the time, based on Isaiah’s words:

Yet those who wait for the LORD

will gain new strength;

They will mount up with wings like eagles,

They will run and not get tired,

They will walk and not become weary.

Isaiah 40:31 (NASB)

Teach me Lord, teach me Lord to wait, Brother Charlie would chime in a loud voice after that song. Every time.

Brother Charlie, if you weren’t in heaven right now I would ask you to come pray over the teachers and students at my school this morning. Oh Lord, shake these feeble bodies and wake us up.

Because we are running, and we are tired, and Lord we need a lesson in waiting on you.

Yesterday was a teacher staff meeting, but it felt more like a troop of soldiers just come off the front line.

We gonna make it? I said to the teacher seated next to me. Her head slung slowly toward me, and she looked at me through weary eyes. I took that as my answer.

We’re tired Lord, yet still so many days to go.

We need new strength, but it’s not a strength these feeble bodies and hearts can manufacture.

Last night Matt and I sat in the warm sun on the front porch. We both looked up to see a large flock of geese fly overhead. It’s hard to imagine the Lord wants us to be able to soar like that even when we’re worn out.

I’m waiting for the Father to give me that kind of strength.

Teach us. Teach us, Lord to wait.


  1. I really enjoyed what you shared about brother Charlie. Even though I dont know him I can imagine hearing him and with that kind of a powerful plea to God. WOW you can feel God pick up your energy to live for God that day. Amen!!

    1. It really shows how much we influence other people by our attitude, don’t you think?

  2. Debbie Von Gonten says:

    I remember Charlie well, and think of him every time we sing “Victory in Jesus.” He was a man filled with such enthusiasm, and yet, so much humility. Praise the Lord for special people God brings into our lives.

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