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How to Listen for God’s Voice

My dad left a big chunk of his hearing acuity in Vietnam, so the VA just bought him some genius hearing aids with Bluetooth technology.

When the phone rings dad can press a button and listen through his hearing aids.  He can even program the TV to come through his hearing aids.  He is now enjoying hearing sounds with a quality he hasn’t enjoyed for decades.  He’s happy to “put his ears on” every morning.

I’m in a season of putting my ears on, too.  I’m seeking God’s will on a number of things, and I’ve learned over the years that when I want to know what to do with my life it’s time to listen.

Proverbs 18:15 says the ears of the wise seek out knowledge.

God's voice

In college I went through the Experiencing God Bible study, by Henry Blackaby and Claude V. King, where I learned:

“God speaks by the Holy Spirit through the Bible, prayer, circumstances, and the church, to reveal Himself, His purposes, and His ways.”

So when I want to know which way to go, I put my ears on and start paying attention to what God is saying through those four avenues.

For example, a friend just suggested I do something, and she pointed out the circumstances that she thinks are the perfect setup for this.  Then I was listening to two different sermons, and it seemed God was confirming this.  Then I started reading a book about some Christian women, and every single one of them confirmed what my friend suggested.  (It was an interesting circumstance that someone I barely even know from church gifted me with that book out of the blue, at the same time my friend made the suggestion.)  Then I opened the Bible and read verses that confirmed this line of thinking.  So I have all of this information coming in, and I’m just writing it down and praying about it as it comes.

My prayer is, Keep talking, Lord.  I’m listening and ready to obey.

Listening attentively.

Listening fearfully, because I don’t want to make a move until I’m convinced I have heard God’s clear direction in the matter.

“…and the sheep listen to his voice.”  (John 10:3  NIV)

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