One of The Best Places to Find God

One of The Best Places to Find God

We had this perfect plan, where I was going to shine in the marathon weeks of methodically packing and moving, and he was going to be stellar in the end sprint. Because that’s how we roll.

Except we didn’t factor in him coming down hard with influenza just about the time I was getting ready to pass the baton, in the last two weeks of moving.

One Thursday night, only four days before we had to be out of our house, Matt set out to help me. He managed to install a new doorstop in one of the bedrooms before I had to send him back to his mom’s house, to crawl into bed. This was the same night our son was flying in at midnight for his spring break.

So there I was, the exhausted marathoner limping through mile 26, left by myself to clean, pack, and repair our house. And I was very much the morning person, now in charge of the 12:00 airport run. It was a miserable, impossible circumstance in which I found myself.

My knee-jerk response, as Matt drove away, was to wail bitter words to the Lord–something about how life was unfair and, Are you kidding me?–but I immediately thought better of this (I’ve been practicing. Thinking better, I mean.) Instead of hurling at God my complaints dripping with self-pity, I purposed to humbly accept this trial and lean on the Lord to help me get through it victoriously.

Drying my tears, I asked God for strength to do the sprint for the evening. Next, I called my mom, the night owl, and got some good encouragement there. Then I picked up cleaning supplies and worked like crazy.

I’m here to tell you that God gave me energy (and believe me, I was on empty), to work from 3:00 in the afternoon until midnight. And I had the sweetest time with him.

I was not alone.

As I vacuumed and scrubbed rooms, God and I talked to each other. He kept me good company. His rich, empowering promises kept me from bonking. It was a very special time with him, and now I sing joyfully with the psalmist: “Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me.” (Psalm 54:4 NIV)

If you want to find God, you have to look for him in the hard moments of your life. There is an intimacy to be found there, when you refuse to shake your fists at heaven and instead open your hands to receive all of its goodness. Will you look to the Lord as your help today?


  1. I am going through a serious dark spot in my and my family’s life. I am having a very hard time with faith. I am angry hurt and could be drawn into a situation of hate and anger taking over my life. I don’t find any comfort in God there and will always be there. Find no compfort in God knows your struggle. I feel if I don’t have some sadness or anger about the situation then I feel guilty. If I smile then the situation isn’t happening and then I get a glimpse of it again and fall to the anger. Any suggestions?

    1. I’m sorry you’re going through such a hard time. Relationship struggles can be deeply painful for a long time.

      What I’ve been learning is that feelings are real, but they should not be our masters. Of course you feel sad and angry, but as followers of Christ we use our minds and take our thoughts captive to make them be obedient to Christ. Feelings do not get to call the shots. Determine to think well as you go through this trial. You know God loves you, because he sent his one and only Son to die for your sins. That means Jesus also understands the incredible hurt of relationships gone wrong. It was his own people who turned against him and called for him to be crucified.

      Lean on the truth of Scripture and not on your feelings. This is VERY hard mental and emotional work that you will have to do repeatedly, but as you practice thinking well, you will find God is near to help you.

      I pray the Lord will help you get to know him in a very special way, as you walk through this hard time.

  2. Pamela Shaw says:

    Thank you for sharing this today. I had a little weep when I finished reading. What a reminder – “If you want to find God, you have to look for him in the hard moments of your life.” “He is the one who sustains me.” Checking who I’m looking to for my help. Thanks again.

    1. I’m sorry if you’re going through a hard season, but the Lord is waiting to meet you there. Hugs from Montana.

  3. Thank you Christy. Once again God whispers through you to get to my heart.

    1. Oh, what a beautiful description. I’m going to turn this into a prayer for my writing!

  4. Thank you for your authenticity. This is just the encouragement I needed to start my day. ?

  5. Wow! Thank you for such a POWERFUL reminder. Congratulations on completing the move!

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