How Would Others Rate the Quality of Your Service?

I went to the tiny town of Lakeside yesterday, to meet up with my Australian friend (mostly to listen to her cool accent over a cup of coffee).  Driving through the entire town lasts only two minutes, so I was frustrated when I couldn’t find the coffee shop.

I finally pulled into the grocery store parking lot and approached a woman who was putting her bags of food in her car.  She said she was driving right past there and why didn’t I just follow her so she could show me where it was.  (Hurray for small-town courtesy.)  She led me to the little coffee shop, and no wonder I couldn’t find it.  The sign for Glacier Perks was smaller than my laptop.  When I went inside it was only big enough for five tables, and the menu board only boasted eight or ten food items.

But when I got my coffee?  **heaven**

It was the richest, most delicious mocha I have ever had.  When we got ready to leave I told the man who made it that it was the best.  He leaned across the counter and said, Well, we melt dark chocolate pieces into it.


I would drive a half an hour again for one of their coffees.  I love to be surprised by excellence in an unlikely place, and this experience was a little reminder to me that I should use finesse when I serve people.


Best ingredients.

Attention to detail.

No shortcuts on quality.

Jesus says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  (Luke 10:27  NIV)  If melting dark chocolate into a cup of coffee isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

Can you think of a way to add some high-quality details as you serve someone today?

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  1. Ahh, Christy. You’re speaking my language now! I totally get it. Really. I can even taste it. Not just the chocolate either – but the Truth in what you’re saying. Thank you, friend.

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