What Will Your 2015 Calendar Say about You?

What Will Your 2015 Calendar Say about You?  -christyfitzwater.com

On Saturday afternoon, December 13, I went to the mall.

I am okay.

There were some Christmas presents I needed to get, but you know I never made it past the calendar kiosk.

My favorite Christmas day activity is getting out my older calendar and writing down birthdays in the new one. A new year is coming, fresh and untainted by human pen. And it will be the year in which I do everything awesome, and I will once again be able to wear that one pair of jeans.

So there I was at the calendar kiosk, and it was every human soul on display.

There were cats and puppies.


Nuns doing funny things. (Who buys that calendar? I may have spent too long thinking about that.)

Half naked girls.


Half naked girls and sports.

Sudoku. (Math for fun? Really?)

Stupid cartoons.

Pretty flowers and outdoor scenery and paintings.

There was even a scenic outhouse calendar, and to be honest I found that the most appealing. There are some really cool outhouses in fantastic places.

I might have made a purchase at the kiosk. Or not. It’s Christmas, and I can’t say.

But I left the kiosk stand with a strong opinion that it matters what calendar we choose to hang.

In my classroom at school, I have a Mission Aviation Fellowship calendar. It shows pictures of people who are hearing about Jesus because of the work pilots are doing in foreign lands. We have precious friends in the Congo doing this ministry right now.

365 days of the year.

My friend, Lisa (blogger, home schooler, and mother of eight), chooses this calendar that helps manage her life.

Everything we place around us can be depraved, or meaningless, or can add value to our lives. Even the calendar we hang can have purpose and reflect the wisdom and goodness of Christ.

What is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable…if anything is excellent or praiseworthy…think about such things.  (Philippians 4:8 NIV)

That’s a good calendar-buying standard.

Probably nixes the outhouses, then?


  1. So I could picture it all – you sitting there by the calendar kiosk and all those calendars around you (well, some I’d rather not “picture”, but you know what I mean). And I have to agree that “it matters what calendar we choose to hang” and I’m going to give this one some more thought. Of course, I love my planner (thanks for the mention!) but we also have a spot in the kitchen for a calendar and last year it was “puppies” because someone gave it to us. But maybe this year we can be a bit more intentional….I love how you make me think, Christy.

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