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The Secret to Not Being Afraid

The Secret to Not Being Afraid  -christyfitzwater.com

I suppose I get it from my dad, this practical side of me. Quite a few years ago he installed a hand wringer on the front of the house, so when he washed and dried the cars he could wring out the chamois. We all thought it was such a great piece of décor, as you can imagine. One summer grandma walked into it and almost gave herself a concussion.

Dad always worked the problem and found the most practical and efficient solution.

I lean that direction, except for me it shows up in spiritual life, and lately fear has been the obstacle.

The other night I found myself jaw-clenched, shoulders tight, chest-squeezing afraid of a lot of things in my life, so I spent several days working the problem with the Lord. I knew I wasn’t supposed to live in fear but couldn’t figure out the how.

You should hear me pray when I can’t figure out how to live what the Lord has commanded. I pester the Lord like a kid pesters his mom about how soon he can go to the park.

The answer I came to is that fear has to do with lordship and authorization.

We have to confess Jesus is Lord and acknowledge God’s authority. That is how we gain entrance into the kingdom of God, and that is how we function there the way we’re supposed to.

The primary questions to ask, in a fearful situation:

  1. How far does my own authority and power go in this situation?
  2. Where is my authority restricted, forcing me to wait and rely on the One who has authority to move and work in the area where I cannot go?

I recently visited a friend who was having surgery. I saw her in the lobby and could freely talk to her there, but when she went back to the surgical room I was forced to remain behind locked doors.

Authorized Personnel Only.

I can picture myself trying to get through the locked doors and the Lord saying, I’m sorry, ma’am, but you aren’t allowed back here.

Take a look at how this works, in Philippians 4:6 (NIV):

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

What we see here is a command followed by an explanation of boundaries.

When anxious, I am given the authority to pray.

I have permission and am encouraged to state my requests.

I am given the authority to express gratitude.

I am NOT AUTHORIZED to go forward into the future and manipulate the circumstance. I don’t have clearance to do that.

This knowledge is practical and such a relief to my soul. I’ve been applying the truth for several days (making me almost an expert?) When I feel afraid I stop and evaluate where I am allowed to go and where I am restricted. I’ve been stating to myself, This is what I CAN do. That is where I CANNOT work.

Fear is a control issue.

Once I’ve submitted to remaining in the waiting room, understanding the boundaries set for me, then I can sit and ponder whether I trust the man behind the doors. And yes, yes I do.

So what are you afraid of, and where are you trying to work outside of your authorization?


  1. I’ve been struggling with fear all my life, but it has gripped me greatly lately as I await the birth of my second child. You state “I am NOT AUTHORIZED to go forward into the future and manipulate the circumstance. I don’t have clearance to do that.” Can you expand upon what you mean by that part? Example? Thanks.

    1. There is nothing more fragile and fear-inducing than carrying a child! The question is about control. What can you control RIGHT NOW? What can you manipulate? You can choose to eat a good dinner tonight. You can choose not to smoke or drink today while you’re pregnant. You can petition God for what you hope for your child. But can you do anything about what will happen in your pregnancy NEXT MONTH? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Only God can step outside of today and work in the future. You are not given permission or power to do that. You can determine what kind of delivery you will have. So we put all of our energy into today, into this hour. We work hard and make wise decisions in this moment. We pray and give thanks in this moment. Fear comes because of what we don’t have control of and wish we did. (Am I making sense? Is that helpful?)

    2. Oops -meant to say you CANNOT determine what kind of delivery you will have because it’s in the future. We can only work in this day.

  2. Amen. That was especially good. I think you nailed it! Praise the Lord for your insight into the Word of God. Thank you for sharing something so personal. May God bless you.

  3. Thanks for sharing, I needed this!!

  4. Christy, thank you for this blog today. I really needed it. We have had several deaths in our family and this is something that I personally have been struggling with.

    1. I’m so sorry. I am all too familiar with the fears that can rise because of death coming near. I pray God will comfort you as you process the pain.

  5. I struggle in waiting patiently for the Lord. I know initially that doesn’t sound like fear, but I am often afraid when I do not see immediate fruit in a situation, that somehow I’ve stepped out of the will of God. I know this is silly, because being in the will of God has nothing to do with direction, and I know this down to my core. I know being in the center of God’s will has to do with continually seeking him and being in his presence. It makes me think of Abraham, when he was afraid of Pharaoh. Out of fear of the Pharoah, he made Sarah pretend she was his sister so Pharoah wouldn’t kill him. Sometimes I take matters into my own hands because I think God needs my help. I’m not confident to wait patient, allowing his plan to unfold despite my immediate fears. The consequences when I take matters into my own hands are usually pretty frustrating. On the flipside, in those times when I remember to take my fears to the Lord and wait on Him, the fruit that grows and the faith that builds is incomparable. Oh how I pray for a faith that trusts in God beyond my own limited vision and human limitations.

    1. I understand. I’ve been trying to get better at waiting, to make it a worshipful time that I don’t hurry through. I still need a lot of practice!!

  6. What you say is all so very true. I’m reading a wonderful devotional right now, and the author suggested praying this prayer when anxious. “Lord, thank you for giving me this opportunity to trust you more.” This past week I have prayed this prayer a lot and I am sure I will I pray it a lot more. It has brought me much peace. What I feel God has revealed to me is, He sees the bigger picture and He is preparing the way, I just need to trust Him. Thank you again for your encouragement.

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