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Ten Ways to Light up The World Today

Ten Ways to Light up The World Today  -christyfitzwater.com

I was inspired this weekend, by a man from India who came and spoke to our church on behalf of the Pardhi people. They are the lowest people in Indian society, not even considered in the caste system and treated as subhuman. Their literacy rate is 2% (and you can imagine how that pained me.)

As the man began to speak to us, he pulled back his sleeve to reveal one of the cheap little bracelets we had all received as prayer reminders. “Pray for the Pardhi” was stamped into the rubber, because our church has made a serious commitment to help this group of people know Jesus cares about them.

Choked up, it took him a minute to tell us the Pardhi would never believe we had cared enough to print their name onto a bracelet. They would not believe we would pray for them.

So small a thing to express such a great value.

Most world-changing actions are these little expressions of the gospel. One kindness at a time. One meaningful gesture. One prayer. Maybe we could take that thought into our Monday -this plain ol’, regular Monday. How we could pile up small actions one after the other, until people around us can feel the light of Christ shining on them.

Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.  (Philippians 1:27 NIV)

Ten Ways to Light up the World Today

  1. Do something helpful. Pack a cold lunch. Roll up your husband’s sleeves for him, since you always shrink his shirts.
  2. Communicate to someone, You are valuable (only using your eyes.)
  3. Share something. Split a cookie. Loan a pencil.
  4. Suck in harsh words in the first trying moment and express grace instead.
  5. Be cheerful to the first person you see. 
  6. Pray for someone who makes you nuts.
  7. Tackle one hard task, even though it makes you feel overwhelmed and inadequate.
  8. Lean in close and tell someone, Do you know Jesus loves you today?
  9. Feed your people something yummy. Broiled salmon at our house tonight.
  10. Tell someone thanks for how helpful he or she is. Here’s my shout-out to our tech guy at school who unjammed a DVD from my computer on Friday.

You do a few of these. I’ll do a few.

It’s going to be a worthwhile day.

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