The Honeymoon

My biggest, biggest fear before I got married was that Jesus would come back before our honeymoon.

(Keepin’ it real on this blog, ladies.)

The Honeymoon  -christyfitzwater.com
Our little Toyota on June 1, 1991. Happy day!

But Jesus had not come back yet when I married Matthew on June 1st, and we left for our honeymoon in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The weather was cold and rainy, and our hotel room was cozy-warm with a wall-sized, stone fireplace.

On June 2nd I woke up and felt his warm body in bed next to me for the first time. Smiling softly, I thought, He’s still here.

This is what it’s like to walk with Jesus, this waking up every morning and intimately knowing the warmth of His Spirit so close within my soul. These days I find myself smiling in the dark, You’re still here, Lord.

It’s good to not be alone.

Jesus says to His disciples, “I am with you always, to the very end…”  (Matthew 28:20)

I have sat across from many a woman of God who has told me her story of a painful life. Then I’ve heard each one say, with tears and the smile of a women smitten with love, But Jesus was always there. He never left me.

Always there.

A woman recently said to me, I don’t know what my purpose is, and I told her it is to wake up every morning and enjoy the closeness of Jesus.


  1. Oh so funny! I remember thinking the same thing back in 1979! Here we are soon to celebrate our 34th anniversary! Surely the Lord is coming soon! But yet there is so much to do because our time is not His time! What a sweet thought to wake up beside the Lord each morning! Starting my day with Him is the most wonderful part of my day, I truly look forward to it. Your blog is refreshing, I wish you much success as you reach for the hurting.

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