The Flag at Your House

Yesterday was the first sunny day after a week of rain, so I put on walking shoes and took a slow, Sunday morning walk around the neighborhood.

The wind was blowing a bit, and as I rounded a corner I could hear a flag flapping in the breeze. My eyes were drawn to the American flag waving proudly from my friend’s house.

As I continued walking, two houses down I heard another flag flapping, but this one sported different colors and it had these words printed on it: “You Have Entered 49ers Country”.

I wonder…

If you were to get the drill from the garage and mount a metal support in the front of your house, making a place to insert the flag representing the passion of your heart, what colors would flap in the wind?

What flag shows your allegiance?  -christyfitzwater.com

Paul says, “To live is Christ…” (Philippians 1:21 NIV). This is his flag.

To what do you pledge your allegiance?