When The Lord Takes You Someplace New

When The Lord Takes You Someplace New -christyfitzwater.com
Ummm, did I mention I was getting a complete website makeover?

What do you think?

I’m such a minimalist, so I’m loving all the white space.

And can I brag over my daughter’s photos of me? Wish you could have seen us laughing at Lone Pine Park on a misty Saturday, with me trying to pretend I was a super model, which I don’t think I quite pulled off. But close? (Come on –I’m 47. Give me a little love.)

When The Lord Takes You Someplace New -christyfitzwater.com

This makeover feels like when we moved out of our old yellow house that had newspaper for insulation and faulty electrical wiring. I was glad to move into our newly constructed home, but it was hard to leave a place where there were so many sweet memories.

You’ll let me *sniff*sniff*, as I say goodbye to my old, cozy site, won’t you?

But there is this book launch coming soon (before the snow melts off the mountains behind our house –that soon), and it has called for some new things to be in place on my website.

It’s hard to change, though.

When The Lord Takes You Someplace New -christyfitzwater.com

Change is exciting and uncomfortable and a little sad and then exciting again, all at the same time. But one thing I know is that following God’s path always requires changing and growing. As soon as we call Jesus Lord, he moves in and starts propelling us forward, without asking our opinion on the pace.

I watch Jesus, as he gathers 12 men around him with simple words.

Come. (John 1:39a NIV)

Follow me. (John 1:43b NIV)

And these men come. They follow. They don’t say, “Wait, does that mean you’re going to make me write a blog? Write a book? Get a website makeover? Teach Spanish? Learn how to manage high schoolers? Be vulnerable with people on a daily basis?”

They come. They follow.

So here I am. Jesus called me when I was young, and I have followed him to many an uncomfortable, stretching place. Wouldn’t change it for the world, though. This is the stuff that a satisfied heart is made of.

Now let’s talk about you. Is Jesus calling you? Will you drop everything and go wherever he leads? Will you let him set the pace and call the shots?


  1. You’re beautiful! Never stop believing that!
    -Estrella <3

  2. Christine York says:

    Hi Christy, thank you for sharing such insight and our Fathers heart for us. I needed to read this today. Love the new look website. Thanks Lisa, Club31Women for having Christy’s link on the site. Love how our heavenly father connects us x

  3. Ahhhh, white space! Yes, I love this fresh, clean, breathable look that makes it easier to know you. Thank you for being so free in sharing your heart with us through good words!

    1. Breathable -now that’s a good word for it. I’m so glad you like my new “home”. 🙂

  4. I don’t really remember how I first found my way to your website, and with all the many blogs/websites vying for our attention, somehow I’m here. The word you shared today was so wonderfully right on time. Daddy has a way of doing that. So thank you Christy for being at the right place at the right time, to help your brothers and sisters in Christ. God bless you, your new book and new website!

  5. What can I say to my beautiful and talented daughter when all of her wonderful writing ability comes from God as a direct inheritance through her DAD’S family line (not her Mom’s). Everything you write is so insightful and always speaks to my heart – usually resulting in tears or wonderful laughter. Jayme’s photography is amazingly beautiful and captures you so well. It makes my heart pound when I think about actually sitting down to read your very first book! Your Dad would be “bragging” proud! Be encouraged that God is using you just as you’ve always desired!!!

    1. Oh Mommy, you know how to make me cry all over my computer. However, I think I can credit some of my writing skill to the woman who had us play “It Pays to Increase Your Word Power” out of Reader’s Digest for a traveling game. 🙂

  6. I simply LOVE your new “look”!! It’s beautiful and fresh and bright – a lot like you. (And you really are a super model….you just didn’t know it! At least, you are to me.) Love you and cheering for you! And I’m so very excited about your new book coming out!!!

    1. I KNEW IT. I knew I was a super model! Hahaha. Thanks for the cheers, dear friend.

  7. Amazing timing!! I opened my email to begin the process of linking my blog to a new conservative news site. The connection came totally out of the blue, but I definitely see it as God’s hand in expanding my territory. I am humbled…and nervous…as I go from my little blog that touches probably less than 25 people to a web-site that, even though new, is already getting thousands of hits a day. Where will God go next? I don’t know, but nervous or not, obedience is always the answer. Thank you for your faithfulness to Him!! And I, too, love the new look…I especially like the pictures…just feels more like friendship;-)

    1. It seems so exciting to grow a bigger influence, until it really happens and you feel the weight of it. Speaking into people’s lives is serious business, so I totally know how you feel. You’ll have to let me know how it goes for you!!

  8. I love your new web site, you super model! I think you look great and warm and real. I read your posts all the time and have started thinking of you as a friend. I love how you love the Lord, Christy. Thanks for sharing your life and your journey with us.

  9. ellen Sowins says:

    You are my favorite blog–short yet thoughtful –sticky words–practical, too. Yes, I you really follow Him , He asks you to reach way beyon anything you ever inagined you could or would do!!

  10. “Will you let him set the pace & call the shots?” So so what I needed to read first thing this morning.
    The Lone Pine pictures look like you had a lot of fun! I should warn you about a random giant hug from a stranger, because if I see you around town, I just might give you a giant hug to thank you for encouraging my heart so much and always pointing me to Jesus! 🙂

    1. I think you’ve given me that hug with your words this morning, although I’ll accept a real hug if it comes up on me without warning. 🙂 Thanks for the kind note!

  11. LOVE your new “look” and your daughter did an amazing job with photos! Love how it feels like I can “know” you even more-it feels very genuine, “real”…and technically speaking very easy to navigate through! But most, I love your always-timely wisdom, reminding me of His truth. You so often seem to speak Gospel Truth to my soul just where I need to hear it. Blessings~

    1. You make me so happy -I want my website to feel like a very personal place. You’ve given me great encouragement this morning!

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