How to Feel Good about Your Life

How to Feel Good about Your Life -christyfitzwater.com

On the corner of Reserve and Whitefish Stage, I took a right and passed by a pristine, sapphire-blue Mustang. I was driving my dirty, dented Mitsubishi gallant. In the few seconds that it took to pass, I evaluated my life and found myself gloating over the other driver.

“My life is better than yours, Mustang Man,” I said out loud.

Because in the hours before hopping in my car, I had stood at my computer, with one task in front of me. My publisher wanted me to add two more chapters to the book I’ve written about my dad (a second book coming in June -how crazy is that?) I had been procrastinating, because it was painful to sit and think about Dad. I miss him. But I had prayed over the work, and a few friends had been praying, that the Lord would help me.

So I started typing and came up with two more rich vignettes to add to the collection. I could feel the Lord guiding my thoughts and comforting my heart. I think these are going to be some of the most special stories in the book.

God’s provision of words was a worshipful experience for me. I will never get over the wonder of God’s intimate care for us –that we can pray, and he will help.

In Nahum 1:7, we read:

The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him.

When I got in the car to go church, I was feeling special and well cared for. I was V8 engine and sapphire blue on the inside. The Lord is good, I was thinking, and I’m pretty sure that gave me the same look of cool confidence Mustang Man was sporting.

You want to feel good about your life? Let God in on the details of your existence. Trust him, and see if it’s not a sweet ride.

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  1. I love this…I’m always amazed, as well, when God shows up and answers the prayers of my heart…even responding to the little things…in ways I could never could have imagined!

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