You and Your Little Baby Ulcer

Are you worrying yourself into a nice little ulcer?  -christyfitzwater.com

I rotate things –towels, socks, dish rags, jeans. I pride myself in the fact that I am stilling using some of the dish towels we received as wedding gifts almost 23 years ago because of my rotation system.

Or it could be the small amount of times I have done dishes.

But I’m holding to the value of rotation.

My sister-in-law asked how I was doing the other day, and I said, Well, I’m worrying about writing good Spanish lesson plans today. Good to rotate the things that are causing you anxiety. 

Wouldn’t want to just worry about money or wedding or mom. Gotta keep it churning evenly through the mind.

Except that I taught those students Spanish today by way of the gospel. We conjugated all the action words –redeemed, rescued, saved, adopted, qualified, and transferred.

Then two little action words for us from Romans 10:9-10 –believe Christ was raised from the dead and call him Lord.

Lord: Señor.

Call him Lord, I said loudly to myself over the dishes tonight.

Lord or not? In charge or not? Sovereign or not? He gets to direct your future or not?

Lord over the money.

Lord over the tasks.

Lord over the job.

Lord over the grieving mom.

I talk it through like this…

If he’s not Lord, then I’m on my own. Bad plan.

So I rotate through the worries again, this time slowly, like Catholic fingers on beads. This time saying Lord with each one. Giving thanks around every worry. Asking for help.



  1. Christy, may you be encouraged today as you have encouraged and reminded me of our Lord and Saviour. How can we call him Lord and not trust Him with our future? I was reminded of this two days ago when I read Job 23:10. We all have some anxiety of the future and I’m reminding myself daily that He knows “our way”. Hugs to you, ~A

    1. I’ve been greatly encouraged by Job’s story lately, too. I’ll take that hug -thanks!!

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