A Link for You to Ponder on This Sunday Morning


My friend, Lisa, has just written an ebook called 100 Ways to Love Your Husband. If you’ve read her insights at Club 31 Women, then you know how much practical advice she has to offer. If you’re looking to strengthen your marriage or if you’re about to get married soon (I say to my little girl), then give her book a look-see.

And how are you all doing these days? We’ve been rotating sick people at our house –first me and then my son who has been down for two weeks. Hope you all are doing well and don’t need as much NyQuil and Kleenex as we’ve gone through.

A wonderful Sunday to you. May God rest your soul as you rest your body.



  1. I’m praying for your family today. God is good Christy Hold on tight to Him.

  2. I’m awfully sorry you and yours have been so sick lately! And what a sweet surprise to see you’ve shared my book like this. You never fail to make me smile – so grateful for your ministry and your friendship both. Thank you, thank you, Christy!

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