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How to Develop A New Layer of Personal Character

How to Develop A New Layer of Personal Character  -christyfitzwater.com

“Do you think one coat of paint is going to cover this primer?” he asked a few days ago. In his right hand was a paintbrush. In his left hand was a bucket of white.

“I don’t know. Red over white?” I said. Well, it wasn’t officially red. It was Sherwin Williams’ “carriage door” for our house trim. I thought it might take a few coats.

I may have to take on the role of spotter.

“Missed a spot,” I’ll say, as I stand back and look at how he’s doing. (Because everyone loves that person so much.)

Yesterday morning I was spending time with the Lord, and he acted as spotter for me.

“Missed a place right there,” he said.

I’ve started working through the gospels, and I came to Matthew 6:1 (NIV):

Be careful not to do your “acts of righteousness” before men, to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.

I’ve been praying a specific prayer over the last year, asking God to point out any idolatry in my life and to help me remove it, until I love him with all my heart and mind.

“That idolatry you were talking about?” he said, “That’s it right there -when you do something good and it’s not enough for you to please me. When you desperately need another human to see your accomplishments, you’re leaning on them for your value instead of on me.”

The Lord points out these places where I’m lacking character and hands me the paint can.

“Oh yeah, I see it,” I say. My eyes go to where his finger points. I say that a lot when I read the Bible.

Learning to look only for God’s approval is the place in my soul that needs another coat of paint. Maybe two coats.

To what spot in your character has God been pointing lately?