How to Be Happy When You’re 45

I turned 45 yesterday.

I tried on two shirts. The first went on and then came off quickly when it revealed that roll of flesh hanging over my waistline. The second shirt went on and remained in place when it promised the roll of flesh was our little secret. This is what it means to work on your fifth decade (did I do the math right on that?) and when time spent reading books has far outweighed (excuse the pun) time spent on the treadmill.

But I’ve never been more satisfied with living than I am right now.

Have you planned your life around things that will make you happy?  -christyfitzwater.com

The reason includes you.

I’m reading Streams in the Desert, by L.B. Cowman, and it says this:

“If you will give the blessing you have received, planning your life around greater service and being a blessing to those around you, then you will quickly find that the Holy Spirit is with you. He will bestow blessings to you for service, giving you all He can trust you to give away to others.”

I’ve been courageous, giving away my heart to you here every day, and in doing so I have found the Holy Spirit at work.

And how do I know?

Because I so often hit “publish” and feel like my words are nothing, but then you write me a note saying how God has spoken to your heart. In this I know that God has taken my messy, humble thoughts from the paper and somehow turned them into something you needed deep in your soul. I certainly don’t have the power to make such a thing happen.

My life touching yours.

Your life touching mind.

God in between.

This is what makes for a happy 45 year old. I feel like my life is just getting started.

Happy, fulfilled women are the ones who, in grateful response to their salvation in Christ, find a way to invest that grace, truth, and love in someone else’s life.

Of course, you could make plans that lead to happiness long before you reach 45.


  1. Becky Blakely says:

    Thank you for your inspiring posts. I look forward to each one and am always blessed, challenged, and encouraged by what you share.

  2. I hope your birthday was a great day of fun! I’m turning 44 in just a few weeks. I was pondering just a couple of days ago how OLD I used to think 40 was and wondering how in the world did I come to be 43 years old when I wasn’t looking. Hahaha. It’s all good though. I can take it. I have started my own little blog and I hope that in a year, when I’m staring my 45th birthday right in the face, I can say that God has used my words and my heart to help someone, too. That is my goal. Be blessed, sister and Happy Birthday!

    1. Yeah, 40 is just a baby now. 🙂 I popped over to visit your blog site -how fun! I pray God will use your words for the glory of his name. By the way, I LOVE homemade lemonade.

  3. Happy birthday, Christy! And I’m so very thankful that you’ve invested – grace, truth and love – into my life. ~ Lisa

    P.S. Could I borrow that shirt of yours sometime…? The second one. 😉

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