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Facing An Impossible And Overwhelming Kind of Day?

Facing An Impossible And Overwhelming Kind of Day?  -christyfitzwater.com

My son has been playing a city-building game on his iPod.  He was bragging last night that he used dynamite to blow a hole in the ground, and then he filled the entire base of the city with trampolines. (I think this child needs more chores to do.) He proudly showed me how he was building the walls of his city brick by brick.

Today I’ve got my own wall.

My chore list is stacked, brick upon brick.

“Mom, can you have my laundry done before school tomorrow?” A meeting at 3:00 where I’ll receive more work. Clumps of toothpaste to chisel off a bathroom sink. Medical reports to type. Tomorrow night’s Awana lesson to write, and I’ve barely given thought to it. The bank statement needs balanced. And these people I live with are going to want to eat dinner tonight… again.

I stand in front of the bricks and look up, and I can’t even see where they stop. It makes me want to slump down on the ground and give up before I’ve even made an attempt to begin.

The psalmist sings:

…with my God I can scale a wall.  (Psalm 18:29 NIV)

I get down on my knees and lay my head on my prayer bench this morning. With a weary exhale, I pray, “Lord, I can’t do all of this. I can’t.”

But I picture God standing in front of my wall. Interlocking his fingers. Bending His knees. I place my foot in his hands –pushing my weight against them, to make sure I have a solid foothold. Rest my hand on his shoulder for support.

I am about to get hoisted over this wall today.

Do you believe God can and will help you scale the wall of responsibilities you have today?