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Diversify Your Life Investments for Highest Joy Yield

Diversify Your Life Investments for Highest Joy Yield -christyfitzwater.com

“And why do you want to know about mutual funds?” Matt said to me, as we got ready for bed last night.

“For a blog post,” I said. (I wish you could see his face sometimes.) He crawled into bed, and I went downstairs to click away on the keyboard. This is what it’s like at our house.

A mutual fund is an investment program where your money gets planted in several places, and you see a variety of returns.

It works with your soul, too –diversified investments.

My portfolio:

Listening to Awana verses every Wednesday this year. I drag in to church in the evening, and kids wrap my heart around their little pinkies. I talk with them, one at a time, about the truth they’re memorizing. They refresh my heart and make me smile.

One picture of Haydy, our Compassion Child. I ask again today if the Lord will please protect her from Colombian drug dealers. We make sure she’s eating well, and we pray for her soul.

Tomorrow I will teach my Spanish students how to share the gospel in Spanish. I let my imagination run –how will God use this knowledge to have them spread his good news down the road?

Yesterday a note from a young woman. It was a simple Christmas basket we gave, with a devotional book tucked inside. “Thank you,” she said. She had been looking for God.

My first book is in layout, and I pray the good news of Christ within my story will do good for those who open the pages.

Everyone wants to be happy, so I’m telling you the secret: Invest your life in every way you possibly can. Look for ways to share Jesus with people, and joy will be the return.

It’s not a call to be insanely busy or to do more, more, more.

But to do good.

Look for ways to do good with your money. Look for ways to volunteer, in activities where sharing Jesus is part of the program. Look for ways to share Jesus at work (easy for me in a Christian school, but you can be creative if you’re environment is more restrictive.) Use your gifts to do the good works God puts in front of you –for me it’s writing a book, but for you it might be helping a widow rake her leaves or teaching your little ones Bible verse songs.

For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.  (Ephesians 2:10 NIV)

Your life is a portfolio. How’s it lookin’?

I’d love to hear from you today. What investment for the kingdom of God is bringing you the most joy right now?



  1. Once again…..God spoke to me through you, Christy. Add ‘seed planter’ and ‘encourager’ to your portfolio. You have no idea (in this life) what you’ve brought to people’s lives through obeying and doing.

    1. Such kind words! Your encouragement is so valuable to me. Thank you for this.

  2. My Portfolio:
    * Sharing Christ at work
    * Sharing Christ with unsaved family members
    * Helping with my Grandson’s oncology appointments &/or hospital visits
    * Praying (without ceasing), for strangers I see/meet at the hospital, in the store, walking down the street, etc.
    * Learning to play the piano & read music – in my middle age – to (Lord willing) serve through music at a nursing home. To Glorify the Lord with this skill however He wants me to.
    * Providing meals to a recently widowed neighbor

    1. Isn’t encouraging just to stop and think about the valuable work the Lord has you doing, in so many different directions? Your list made me smile!

  3. Christy, this is so beautiful! And so true too! We often pray that He will bless our meager efforts and allow us to be His hands and His feet as we: visit my 97 y/o great aunt in the nursing home, volunteer at the local animal rescue league, take a meal and/or prepare a care package for a family whose child has leukemia, take food and hugs to a family who had a death in their home, unexpectedly.

    We LOVE to look for where we see God working and then pray that He will show us what He would like for us to do!

    Last example: recently, our daughter was admiring six cats in cages at the pet store, and she asked the lady on staff if she bought (with her own money) 6 cat toys could she give them to the cats there! She was given permission and rewarded by the cats going absolutely crazy over their new toys! And, she realized, more than ever before, how fantastic it feels to give! She left the store with nothing tangible in her hands, but with a huge smile on her face!

    1. Oh my goodness -the effect your daughter must have had on the ladies at the pet store! Little kids often lead the way, in showing us how to really live.

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